Contribution Guidelines 📑

Tankōbon would not be possible without the help of user contributions, however there are a few rules you must read before you can contribute.

  • Only add manga that follow the Tankōbon format.
  • Follow the correct formatting for chapters. Example for One Punch Man:
    • Chapter {chapter number} | Chapter 1
    • Chapter {chapter number} - {chapter name} | Chapter 1: One Punch
    • {custom} {chapter number} | 1st Punch
    • {custom} {chapter number} - {chapter name} | 1st Punch: One Punch

    Follow this format to add arc starting points: |Story Arc Name

  • Check if the record you are adding already exists in the database.
  • Avoid adding sexually explicit content. Ecchi is fine (as long as the images do not contain any nudity) but h*ntai is not.
  • Only add images from the following sites (for security reasons):
    • AniList
    • MyAnimeList
    • Goodreads
    • Fandom
    • Amazon
    • MangaDex
    • ComicVine
    • Viz

Failure to follow any of the above rules will result in a ban.

How do I contribute?

That's easy! Simply signup, and click the icon on any manga page to start editing! After signing up, you can also start adding manga.

If you don't want to contribute directly to the site, you can also help contribute with the development. Either send bug fixes (if you're a developer) or submit bug reports (if you're not a developer) to the Tankōbon Github page.

Contribution Notes

While browsing the site you may see the icon. This indicates that the record you are viewing is locked and cannot be edited any further.

A record will be locked when:

  • The manga/volume has finished releasing.
  • The data related to the manga is complete.

If a locked record has incorrect data, report it.